Great virtue and strong enterprise gather together and strive for great success. Culture, the soul of an enterprise precipitation, imperceptibly changes the behavior and concept of the enterprise, and is melted into the details of each support of the iron tower. "To be bigger and stronger, to benefit mankind" is our mission and the source of our concerted efforts. Qixing tower adheres to the people-oriented management and strives to achieve the following goals: taking employees as the foundation, seeking for the well-being of employees, enhancing cohesion and centripetal force; taking users as the foundation, meeting the needs of users and winning the trust and loyalty of users; Take the public as the foundation, care for the society, and obtain the praise and support of the public. We should constantly strive for self-improvement and enterprising, and create first-class staff, first-class technology, first-class quality and first-class management with "gathering heart, strength and wisdom". With the fighting spirit of "dare to be the first and pursue excellence", strengthen the brand, make an example of great strength, win the market, and create a brilliant future for Qixing tower.